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Title of Journal : “Using Online Games For Teaching English Vocabulary For Jordanian Students Learning English As A Foreign Language

Writer & Institution : Wafa Muhanna, Al Al-Bayt University, Jordan.

Publisher : Journal of College Teaching & Learning – Third Quarter 2012, Volume 9 Number 3. 

This journal is derived from the experiment research to show the influence of teaching English vocabulary through the online games. The samples are divided into a class control group and a class experiment. By using pre and posttest to collect the data, the writer found the increasing progress through the teaching result for both genders of students rather than through traditional way.
Based on the process, the researcher tried to combine the interest of the students (online games) with learning vocabulary to stimulate the acceleration of learning achievement. The research also provided a new way of learning vocabulary in an interesting and effective method. Unfortunately, most online games created only for entertainment purposes containing unrelated words, pictures, and contents academically. Even the result showed the significant progress, some obstacles occurred during the implementation in which the mother tongue language was still used and there was less cooperating among students etc.
In Indonesia, online games are popular with the male students as the challenge to solve immediately rather than a burden in study vocabulary. For effective purposes, designing online games for academic framework will gain high influence rather than games for entertainment purpose. In other perspectives, the teacher has a vital role in controlling totally the progress of learning with a deep comprehension in giving a command and to guide student while learning. Unfortunately, in some regions in Indonesia the limitation of internet access as the main source of online games will hamper the implementation of this unique idea instead of offline games.

Article Writer   : Fadel Muslaini, S.Pd.
Institution         : Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
Majors              : Magister of English Education Department
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